Circular corporate clothing

Discover the four reasons to choose circular corporate apparel

Circular corporate clothing is a trend that is becoming increasingly important in the world of business apparel. When traditional corporate clothing is produced, the clothing is thrown away after a period of time. Unlike circular corporate clothing. For there the focus is on maximizing the life span of the garments and minimizing waste.

During the production of circular workwear, sustainable materials such as organic cotton, linen and Tencel (a sustainable fiber made from wood pulp) are mainly used. This helps to reduce the impact of clothing production on the environment. In addition, using sustainable materials can lead to garments that last longer, which in turn can help reduce waste.


But the production process of circular corporate clothing itself also has a major positive impact on people and the environment. A great example is the production process of our partner Circularity.

Circularity lives up to its name by using only already used (work) clothes. These used garments are sorted by color and then stripped. While stripping these used garments, stitching and residual colors are removed. From there, the garments are put through the "fiberizer. This pulp bale forms the basis for the yarn and then the cloth. From this cloth, the shapes for the new garments are cut and stitched together.

There are many savings through this method of production. We list the most important savings:

  • No new raw materials are tapped;
  • Normally, growing cotton takes an unprecedented amount of water. Dyeing clothes also requires a lot of water. With Circularity's method of production, no water is claimed;
  • Used clothing is usually burned. This releases a lot of CO2. Recycling instead of burning prevents this pollution;
  • Cotton fields are tilled with pesticides. By not claiming new textiles, pesticides are saved.
Circular workwear

Four reasons to choose circular corporate apparel

Reduce footprint

Companies have several reasons why they switch to circular corporate clothing. In many cases, the main reason is to reduce a company's carbon footprint. An increasingly important topic at a time when sustainability is playing an increasing role in business.

Reducing waste

There are several ways circular corporate clothing can contribute to a more sustainable future. First, it can help reduce waste. Corporate clothing often ends up in landfills, with all the environmental impact that entails. Using circular corporate clothing significantly reduces the number of garments thrown away.

Fair production

In addition, circular corporate clothing can also help improve working conditions. Much conventional clothing is produced under poor working conditions, with low wages and sometimes even child labor.

Reduce environmental pressure

Furthermore, circular corporate clothing can also help reduce environmental pressures. Much traditionally produced clothing is made from unsustainable materials, such as cotton and polyester, which use a lot of water and chemicals during the manufacturing process. Circular clothing is made from sustainable materials, such as recycled cotton or biodegradable polyester, which can help reduce environmental pressure.

Importance of good circular workwear

Good workwear is essential for any employee. The right clothing can not only contribute to the employee's comfort and productivity, but can also promote their safety at work and enhance the company's professional image. We see three main reasons that underscore the importance of good circular workwear:

  1. Comfort and productivity
  2. Safety
  3. Image

First, comfort is an important aspect of workwear. If workers are comfortable in what they are wearing, it will pay off in productivity. Specifically, this can mean that the clothing is breathable, lightweight and provides adequate freedom of movement. In contrast, workwear that does not fit properly can lead to uncomfortable situations, which will negatively impact productivity.

In addition, the right workwear can improve employee safety at work. This is especially important in hazardous or high-risk environments, such as construction or manufacturing. These environments may require specific protective clothing, such as coveralls or proper work boots. This clothing can help prevent accidents or reduce their effects.

Finally, wearing professional workwear can enhance the company's image. When employees look good, they give a professional impression to customers and business partners. This can mean, for example, wearing workwear with the company's colors and logo.

circular corporate clothing

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