Durable sweater

Environmentally conscious style for corporate clothing

At sustainablecompanywear.com, part of Vineyards SafeGood, we have a wide range of sustainable sweaters that fit an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Our sweaters are available in different colors, including anthracite, cobalt, white, navy and black. In addition, we offer sweaters of the brand Circularity, which is known for its sustainable production process and high quality.

Circularity: a sustainable production process

At Circularity, the production process begins with the Collecting batches of clothing from various sources, such as industry and hospitals. These clothes are carefully sorted by color and composition, after which the transformation process begins.

The first step in this process is the stripping the clothing batches, where stitching and residual colors are removed. The stripped items are then passed through a "fiberizer," which processes them into bale pulp. This pulp serves as the basis for the further production process.

From fiber to cloth: An automated process

The bale pulp is used to spin yarn, From which a cloth is then knitted. This entire process is fully automated, but is closely monitored by employees.

In some cases, the canvas is dyed, but Circularity prefers not to use water when dyeing. By pre-selecting by color, they can retain the original color, resulting in water savings.

Once the fabric is ready, patterns can be cut out to shape the garments into durable sweaters, for example. These patterns are then stitched together on the stitching tables. The production process is completed by folding the items, after which the durable sweaters are prepared for transport.

Durable sweater

Environmental savings at Circularity

  • No new raw materials
  • Water Conservation
  • Saving on oil
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Limitation of pesticides

No new raw materials

Circularity does not use new raw materials in the production of clothing. They work exclusively with used textiles, preventing them from claiming large amounts of water normally needed to grow cotton. In fact, growing just one kilo of cotton consumes about 17,000 liters of water.

Water Conservation

The majority of clothing at Circularity is not dyed. This results in significant water savings, as dyeing clothes is normally an intensive process that requires a lot of water. Prior selection by color allows them to retain the original color of the canvas, so no water is needed for dyeing.

Saving on oil

Polyester, a common material used in sweaters, is made from oil. Circularity saves on oil by processing only used raw materials. By reusing textiles, they reduce the demand for new polyester production and help preserve valuable natural resources.

Prevention of pollution

Old clothing is often burned, resulting in emissions of harmful substances, including about 5.3 kilograms of CO₂ per kilogram of textiles burned. 

Circularity prevents this pollution by recycling instead of burning. By giving discarded textiles a new life, they help reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the quality of the air we breathe.

Limitation of pesticides

Cotton fields are often treated with pesticides, which has significant negative impacts on the environment and the health of people working with them. Circularity contributes to pesticide reduction by not using virgin textile raw materials. For every kilogram of recycled textiles, about 2.5 kilograms of pesticides are saved, reducing dependence on harmful chemicals.

Durable sweater

Sustainable sweaters at sustainablecompanywear.co.uk

The durable sweaters in this webshop are not only stylish and comfortable, but also made with the environment in mind. With our wide color selection, including anthracite, cobalt, white, navy and black, you can find the perfect sweater to match your corporate identity.

In addition to sweaters, we also offer T-shirts and polos from the Circularity brand. These garments are manufactured using the same sustainable production process and help reduce the carbon footprint (of your company).

Choose sustainability

At sustainablebusinesswear.com, we understand the importance of sustainability and corporate responsibility. By choosing sustainable sweaters from Circularity, your company is contributing to a circular economy and helping to reduce its impact on the environment.

Have a question about our range of sustainable sweaters? Get in touch via the contact form on our contact page. Or call us at: +31 184 43 44 55.

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