Partner highlighted: Circularity

Shared vision for sustainability

In order to present a wide range of sustainable corporate clothing, we partner with a number of partners. With these partners we share the same vision of sustainability. We would like to highlight our partner who leads the way when it comes to circular production; Circularity.

All products sold through this webshop are produced as sustainably as possible. That is the common denominator of all partners of Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, whose products we offer through this webshop.

Of course, for each partner and product, often for practical reasons such as ensuring the safe operation of the product, the degree to which the production process is sustainable varies. For all production processes and an overview of our partners, please refer to this summary page.

Circular manufacturing

Circularity goes a long way when it comes to sustainability and circularity. By producing completely circularly, Circularity's products are rightfully an extremely sustainable choice. This manufacturer from Etten-Leur makes (outer) clothing from used textiles. These textiles come from industry and hospitals, among others.

In many cases, used textiles are burned, but Circularity uses them as raw material for new corporate clothing. This eliminates the use of new textiles, and thus the cotton fields.

This will be saved:

  • No new raw materials are used.
  • A lot of water is saved by this method of production.
  • Oil is also saved by not using new raw materials.
  • Per kilogram of clothing, 2.5 kilograms of pesticides are saved.

Visiting Circularity

We recently visited Circularity with some of our customers to see for ourselves how the production process is designed. A report of that can be viewed via the video below.

Want to read more about the production process and sustainability gains? At this page you will find a detailed description of Circularity's production process.