Webshop launched


Sustainability and preservation are terms that are increasingly being heard and used. Not least by entrepreneurs and organizations. In our view, sustainability for a company starts on the shop floor. This is precisely why we launched sustainablecompanywear.com.

For us, as Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, sustainability and corporate social responsibility have played an important role for some time now. But also from our customers, we are increasingly getting the demand for sustainable and circular possibilities. From there, we started actively exploring the possibilities.

Hanging out with our customers

Among other things, we came in contact with Circularity; producer of 100% circular clothing. We were immediately excited, but wanted to involve our customers also in our steps into the world of sustainability. With a selective group of Wijngaarden VeiligGoed customers, we visited the Circularity factory. Our customers were also enthusiastic!

Products and production processes

We are pleased to make our range of sustainable corporate clothing available through this web shop. Because we value transparency, we will explain each partner's production process. All partners and production processes can be found on our overview page. Curious about our offerings? Please visit our web shop page.