Sustainable clothing for businesses

Discover the three reasons to choose sustainable corporate clothing

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. The topic has long had a broad social impact on how we treat our planet. Fortunately, companies are also taking responsibility on an increasing scale and are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and the world around us. All sorts of ways are being sought to make business operations more sustainable. Choosing sustainable corporate clothing is an important factor in that process.

Sustainable corporate clothing is clothing that is worn in business and is made from sustainable materials. For example, organic cotton, bamboo or recycled polyester. These materials are better for the environment because they do not use harmful chemicals and use less water and energy in production.

In addition, sustainable industrial clothing often has a longer lifespan than conventional industrial clothing. This means that sustainable industrial clothing lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often. This too contributes to a lower impact on the environment.

Another important aspect of sustainable industrial clothing is that it is often better for employees' health. This is because durable materials are often breathable and more comfortable to wear, contributing to a better working environment and less risk of skin irritation.

Three reasons why companies choose to invest in sustainable corporate apparel:

There are several reasons why companies choose sustainable corporate clothing. In many cases, this involves a combination of these reasons. We highlight the three most important reasons:

  • Because of the image;
  • Because of employee welfare;
  • Reducing costs in the longer term.

Because of the image

A common reason why companies are actively pursuing sustainability is that sustainability can help improve corporate image. More and more buyers, consumers, but especially in the B2B market, are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that value sustainability. By choosing sustainable corporate clothing, a company can show that it is aware of the impact it has on the environment and that it is doing all it can to reduce this impact.

Because of employee welfare

Second, durable workwear can also contribute to employee well-being. Traditional corporate clothing is often made of synthetic materials that breathe poorly and are not comfortable to wear. In contrast, sustainable corporate clothing is often made of natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool, which are much more breathable and comfortable to wear. This can contribute to a better work environment and more satisfied employees.

Longer-term cost reduction

Third, sustainable corporate clothing can also help reduce costs in the long run. Although sustainable corporate clothing may seem a bit more expensive at first, it is often of higher quality and lasts longer. This means that companies need to buy new corporate clothing less often, which leads to lower costs in the long run.

Ordering through

Companies that want to invest in sustainable business practices can order sustainable corporate clothing through this webshop. The selection is varied; for example, through this webshop we offer:

  • T-shirts;
  • Polos;
  • Sweaters;
  • Work pants;
  • Overalls;
  • Work coats;
  • Work shoes.

Personalizing and printing a garment with a logo? Of course that is possible. We also choose the most sustainable options for clothing printing. You can read more about sustainable printing at this page.

Impact of an order on the environment

Wondering how much impact an order at '' has on the environment? Request a calculation via this page. As a link between manufacturer and user, we like to make this transparent. We look at a calculation including:

  • Cotton;
  • Water;
  • Oil;
  • CO2;
  • Pesticides.

Vineyards SafeGood

The webshop '' is an initiative of Wijngaarden VeiligGoed. Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is one of the largest and best-known suppliers in the field of PPE (personal protective equipment) in the Netherlands. We have over 50 years of experience and serve over 3,000 customers from different industries and throughout the Netherlands. With a delivery performance of 98.2%, our customers are assured of adequate delivery.

Want to know more about Wijngaarden VeiligGoed? Visit the page 'about us' on this website, or visit our corporate website.

Our sustainable partners

The offer on this webshop is a selection from our assortment. For this webshop, we have only selected manufacturers who can demonstrate that they produce in a sustainable manner. Because we find transparency important, we have explained the production process of each partner on this web shop. For an overview of our sustainable partners and their story, see this page.

The story of Circularity

One notable story is the production process of our partner "Circularity. Circularity uses used (work) clothes. For example, from hospitals. These clothes are first sorted by color and stripped. It is then baled into pulp. Yarn is spun from the fibers; the yarn is knitted into one cloth. Patterns are then cut out for the clothing.

The yield is impressive. This is what is being saved:

  • No new raw materials are used.
  • By working with used textiles, no claim is made on vast amounts of water.
  • Circularity saves on oil by working exclusively with used raw materials.
  • Old clothing is burned in most cases. This releases about 5.3 pounds of CO2 per kilogram. Recycling instead of burning prevents this pollution.
  • By not claiming new textiles, 2.5 kilograms of pesticides are saved per kilogram of textiles.

Circularity's entire story can be read at this page.

Sustainable clothing for your business

Advice on sustainable clothing for your business? Get in touch with us. Our advisors are happy to schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting or answer your questions by email or phone.