Durable work shirts

A responsible choice of corporate clothing

The pursuit of a more environmentally friendly world affects various aspects of business, including the choice of workwear. More and more companies and organizations want workwear that is not only functional and presentable, but also sustainably produced.

Duurzaambedrijfskleding.nl, part of Vineyards SafeGood, offers a wide range sustainable workwear, including a diverse range of durable work shirts.

For our range of sustainable corporate clothing, we have selected the best and most sustainable partners. For the production of sustainable work shirts, this is manufacturer 'Circularity'.

Circularity is a leading producer of sustainable clothing and is known for their innovative and environmentally friendly production processes.

Sustainable work shirts from Circularity

What makes Circularity's sustainable work shirts so special? Some key features:

  • Sustainable, recycled materials
  • Quality and comfort
  • Diversity in sizes and colors
  • Versatility

Durable materials

The work shirts are made of high-quality, durable materials that last a long time. Circularity uses recycled and organic materials to minimize its impact on the environment. 

Choosing sustainable materials reduces the production of new raw materials and reduces waste.

Quality and comfort

Circularity's work shirts are not only durable, but also of excellent quality. They are designed to withstand heavy use while offering comfort and freedom of movement.

Diversity in sizes and colors

We have a diverse selection of sustainable work shirts. The sustainable work shirts are available in different sizes and colors.


Circularity's sustainable work shirts are not only suitable for specific professions or industries, but are also very versatile in use. Whether they are construction workers, hospitality workers, healthcare professionals or office workers, the sustainable work shirts are a perfect fit for different work settings.

Durable work shirts

Durable polos and sweaters

In addition to work shirts, sustainablebusinesswear.com also offers a wide range of other sustainable workwear, including polos and sweaters from Circularity. This allows companies to dress their employees completely sustainably, from head to toe.

Benefits of choosing sustainable corporate clothing on the environment

The importance of sustainability in the corporate apparel industry cannot be overemphasized. Traditional production methods and materials often have a negative impact on the environment, such as greenhouse gas emissions and pollution of water and soil. 

By switching to sustainable workwear, companies are helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition to the environmental benefits, using durable work shirts also provides benefits for companies themselves. Employees who feel comfortable and confident in their workwear generally perform better. 

In addition, having a sustainable image can contribute to a positive brand reputation. It is a win-win situation for both the company and the environment.

Transparency in production process

We offer a wide range of durable work shirts, polos and sweaters on this webshop. But also overalls, jackets and shoes, among others. Because we find transparency very important, we have listed the various production processes of our producers execution described on this website. 

Thus, as a visitor, you will know exactly how the clothing is created for each producer, and what certifications the particular producer has.

Ordering durable work shirts

Ordering sustainable work shirts through this webshop 'duurzaambedrijfskleding.nl' is easy and reliable. Our expert advisors are happy to answer questions and advise on the best choice for specific needs. You can reach us via info@veiliggoed.nl or via 0184 43 44 55.

Durable work shirts

Getting durable work shirts printed

We offer the option of having sustainable work shirts printed in an environmentally friendly way. Apparel printing can be an effective way to convey a brand identity and make personnel recognizable.

More information about sustainable printing of work shirts can be found through the page 'sustainable printing'. By choosing sustainable printing, companies can further strengthen their sustainability efforts.

We also like to be transparent about the environmental impact of an order. We offer the possibility to make the impact per order transparent. So that you know exactly what the positive impact of your order is on the environment.

More information can be found at this page. By filling in some details about the order, such as the number of shirts and the type of printing, you will be sent the calculation by mail.

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More information about our sustainable work shirts options? Or are you missing a product in our range of sustainable workwear? Contact us at: info@veiliggoed.nl or 0184 43 44 55.