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Are you looking for sustainable corporate clothing, specifically a sustainable work T-shirt? At sustainablecompanywear.com, part of Vineyards SafeGood, we have a wide range of sustainable T-shirts.

Our T-shirts are of the brand Circularity, which is known for its environmentally friendly production process and high quality. On this page, we will tell you more about Circularity's manufacturing process and the benefits of choosing sustainable corporate apparel.

Colors and sizes of work T-shirts at sustainablecompanywear.com

The T-shirts at DuurzaamBedrijfskleding.nl are available in a variety of colors, including:

They are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from XS to XXXXL. In addition to T-shirts, we also offer sweaters and polos of the Circularity brand.

The unique production process of our work T-shirts producer

The production process begins with the collection of batches of clothing. These clothes can come from a variety of sources, such as industry and hospitals. 

These batches are carefully sorted by color and composition, creating an efficient recycling system.

From batches to cloth

Next, the batches undergo a stripping process, removing all stitching and residual colors. The garments without stitching and residual colors are faded using a special fiber machine. This machine converts the garment batch into a ball of pulp, which can then be further processed.

Of the fibers resulting from the dyeing process, the yarn spun. These yarns are then knitted into one canvas. The entire process is fully automated, but under the supervision of employees to ensure consistent quality.

In most cases, the canvas is not dyed, but retains the original color. By pre-selecting by color during the grading process, dyeing the cloth can be avoided.

This is an important aspect of sustainability because the use of water in dyeing fabrics can consume significant amounts of water. Circularity saves water by choosing non-dyed garments, making it more environmentally friendly.

After the cloth is ready, patterns can be cut to shape the garment, the durable work T-shirt. The patterns are then stitched together on stitching tables. After stitching, the durable work T-shirt items are folded and prepared for transport.

Work T-shirt

Sustainability gains

Circularity's manufacturing process offers numerous sustainability benefits:

  • No new raw materials: At Circularity, no new raw materials are used to produce clothing. Instead, it uses used textile batches sourced from a variety of sources.
  • Water conservation: Growing a kilo of cotton requires about 17,000 liters of water. By choosing Circularity's recycling process, which collects and recycles used clothing, no claim is made on these huge amounts of water. In addition, the garments are usually not dyed, saving even more water.
  • Saving oil: Polyester, a commonly used material in clothing, is normally made from oil. Circularity saves on oil by working exclusively with used raw materials.
  • Pollution avoidance: Old garments are often burned, resulting in the emission of harmful substances, including CO₂. For every kilogram of clothing burned, about 5.3 kilograms of CO2 is released.
  • Reduction of pesticides: Cotton fields are often treated with pesticides to protect the crops from pests. By not using virgin textiles, Circularity saves about 2.5 kilograms of pesticides per kilogram of recycled textiles.

Circularity's T-shirts are of high quality. The manufacturing process ensures that the recycled materials are turned into high-quality fabrics that are comfortable, durable and long-lasting to wear. This means your employees can count on clothing that will last and withstand heavy use.

Getting your work T-shirts printed? We do that too in a sustainable way. You can read more about this on the page 'sustainable printing'.

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Sustainable corporate clothing is more than trend

It is important to emphasize that sustainability is not a trend, but an essential aspect of responsible business. More and more companies and consumers are aware of the impact of their choices and want to contribute to a more sustainable world.

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