PRO account

For measurable sustainable results

PRO account is our main tool with which we shape sustainability. What is possible with PRO account? 

In short, PRO account is your personal web shop. In PRO account, your employees can order their own products. As an employer, you determine which products he or she may order and in what quantities. Specific data, for example the delivery address and clothing sizes, are personalized here. Within these frameworks, employees can order whenever and wherever they want. 

With the help of PRO account, active clothing management is possible. After all, you have an optimal overview regarding the spent clothing and thus prevent over-ordering. You also know exactly how much is consumed per employee, giving you the opportunity to reduce consumption. This saves a lot of costs. Employees receive new clothes according to the new-for-old principle only after the old ones have been returned (for recycling). Saving water, raw materials and CO2 are calculated. Thus, the life span of clothing is maximized and the production of new clothing is reduced as much as possible.

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