Vineyards SafeGood

Wijngaarden VeiligGoed is based in Sliedrecht and has specialized in safe and comfortable industrial clothing and PPE for over 50 years. Our family business has been a well-known name for dredging companies for decades. 

In the Alblasserwaard, where many well-known dredgers come from, we have gained an important position. The customers have remained and grown, but our focus has broadened: now we are also active in the offshore, metal industry, petrochemicals, construction, installation and logistics.

Our society and economy depend on hard workers. During their work, they are exposed to numerous risks. We want to provide these hard workers with the right knowledge and resources to properly protect themselves.

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Our partners in sustainability

Robust Safety Wear

Robust Safety Wear is a brand label of Wijngaarden VeiligGoed. Robust Safety Wear articles are of absolute top quality and are distinguished by a combination of extremely high protection and high comfort. For Robust Safety Wear products lyocell is used; a sustainable choice because of its 'closed loop' and durability.

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As a company, Tricorp is committed to corporate social responsibility. This means that throughout the production chain, Tricorp takes care to reduce its impact on the environment and the terms and conditions of employment under which the employees in the chain do their work. Workwear with the smallest possible ecological footprint, but still comfortable, safe and beautiful.

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GAIA circular

GAIA is pre-eminently the company that makes recycling easy and convenient. Gaia focuses on resource recovery and does this concretely by offering return logistics, dismantling products and fulfilling further recycling of the sorted and dismantled materials. Collecting your used clothing is made easy with resource boxes.

GAIA circular


Emma has succeeded in developing the world's first circular safety shoes. This means that as many environmentally friendly materials as possible are chosen with a longer lifespan, the materials are recycled and all raw materials are reused in a subsequent application. For example, in furniture, insulation materials and, hopefully in the future, in new safety shoes.

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