Production Process

In recent years, EMMA has worked hard to develop safety shoes that are not only even safer, but also circular. With success! Emma has succeeded in developing the world's first circular safety shoes. This means that as many environmentally friendly materials as possible are chosen with a longer lifespan, the materials are recycled and all raw materials are reused in a subsequent application. For example, in furniture, insulation materials and, hopefully in the future, in new safety shoes. Moreover, residues from our own production are reused as much as possible. The leather residues in the production of the shaft are processed into manure and the residues from the sole production are processed into insulation material. In addition, EMMA works continuously to improve working conditions throughout the production chain. And in addition, each pair of shoes is spent fifteen minutes in production by an employee with a distance to the labor market.

Safety first, whatever the future holds

EMMA Safety Footwear has been at the forefront of safety footwear development for 90 years. With the world changing faster than ever, EMMA has adapted the organization accordingly. This enables EMMA to bring solutions today for the working conditions of tomorrow. Whatever the future brings, they ensure that you and your colleagues can walk around in them safely and comfortably. More sustainable and increasingly together with users. Always looking for added value.

All materials were chosen for their long service life and environmental safety. For each material, a subsequent use application has been determined. Thus safety and sustainability reinforce each other on the way to an ever better safety shoe.

Polyurethane was always the biggest source of waste within EMMA's own plant. Since 2019, all residual streams (mainly cutting scraps) have been collected and processed into insulation material.

EMMA strives for as little packaging as possible. For example, plastic is avoided in EMMA's packaging, waste is separated and shoe boxes are made from a mix of FSC and already recycled materials.

EMMA repairs about 490 pairs of shoes a year. These are return pairs from customers.

Water-based adhesives
EMMA largely uses water-based adhesives.

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