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Production Process

GAIA circular B.V. focuses on the recovery of raw materials. GAIA does this by helping to practically implement circular systems, among other things by offering return logistics, dismantling products and giving substance to the further recycling of the sorted and dismantled materials. GAIA stands for circular sustainable systems and concepts and thus for the future security of our raw materials!

Discover, develop, operationalize

GAIA ensures that products are recovered and recycled. This includes newly developed, circular, as well as existing, non-circular products. With the latter category, care is taken to ensure that they meet quality criteria in order to be reused in a subsequent use phase. In this way, the transition to a circular economy is made step by step. However, it is important that the customer makes a substantial contribution to making products circular.

This applies not only to workwear, safety shoes, and other personal protective equipment, but GAIA also applies its concept to office supplies. GAIA collects, sorts, dismantles, and re-makes new raw materials and/or products as much as possible. For circular products for 100%, for non-circular products for over 80%. Because: every step better than landfill or incineration is a step in the right direction.

Circular economy

A circular economy is an economy in which no raw materials are lost and no waste is created. In which products are designed in such a way that raw materials or components remain available for a subsequent use, without harmful effects to people and the environment. In which value and quality preserved.

New products

Workwear is turned into products such as bags, but it is also fiberized to make new yarn and cloth in part. The leather from work shoes has a new application in the automotive industry, among others. If desired, even products can be made specifically for your company! GAIA works with a number of partner companies on this.

Because many of your products have a logo attached to them, they are all treated as confidential material, so no logos reappear in the marketplace.


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GAIA circular