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As a company, Tricorp is committed to corporate social responsibility. This means that throughout the entire production chain, Tricorp takes care to reduce its impact on the environment and pays attention to the terms and conditions of employment in which the employees in the chain do their work. This is a task for Tricorp itself, which is being worked on every day and in which more and more improvements are being realized. Because sustainable workwear is the future! Workwear with the smallest possible ecological footprint, but still comfortable, safe and beautiful.

Rewear package: a fully sustainable and circular clothing package

REWEAR is Tricorp's first circular (D1) clothing line. This line is based on some of the top items in the standard collection. The fabric is made of recycled polyester or a blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton.

The objective of REWEAR was to Reduce, Reuse & Rewear:

  • Reduce: reducing water use, energy and C02 emissions. AND reducing the use of new raw materials.
  • Reuse: making the item suitable for reuse after wearing.
  • Rewear: reusing materials in our workwear. For example, recycling a PET bottle into PET polyester.

RE2050 collection

With the RE2050 collection, Tricorp takes the next step towards 100% circular workwear: a complete, modern and sporty clothing package for the fashion-conscious wearer with strong materials for longer life. Think stretch for flexibility and comfort and lightweight materials for increased comfort. In addition to the fabric, many of the accessories are also made from recycled raw material. The design takes into account the possibility of recycling the clothing. The name RE2050 is a nod to the year 2050 when the Netherlands must be circular as an economy.

The design is characterized by its sporty lines and look and feel. Thus you will find in each article a reflective piping which provides a sporty and visible element. The famous Tricorp hooks are also subtly incorporated into the items to create an exclusive look. Tricorp's designers have reflected the sporty "feel" by using airy Mesh elements.

Recycled raw materials
The RE2050 collection is made with recycled polyester and recycled polyamide. The lining of the Winter Tech Shell is of Primaloft recycled polyester. Polygiene® finish has been applied to the fabric of the t-shirt and polo shirt so that the item can be worn more often before going in the wash. Characteristic of the RE2050 items is the addition of a stretch quality that makes the items very comfortable and sporty. The work pants even have a full 4-way stretch quality.


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