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Robust Safety Wear is a brand label of Wijngaarden VeiligGoed. Robust Safety Wear articles are of absolute top quality and are distinguished by a combination of extremely high protection and high comfort.

Much of Robust Safety Wear's clothing uses "lyocell. Lyocell is an extremely durable material and is made from cellulose from wood chips.

Differences between lyocell and viscose

The raw materials of lyocell are exactly the same as viscose. With viscose, harmful and environmentally damaging chemicals are used, whereas lyocell production involves a so-called "closed loop. Only water and non-toxic solvents are used, which are, of course, reusable.

A great advantage of lyocell is its softness. The fabric is supple and pleasant to the skin. Lyocell also absorbs water better than cotton does.


Sustainability at Robust Safety Wear is also reflected in the life cycle of the products. This is because these work clothes last a very long time, at least 100 washes guaranteed! This reduces the need to purchase new workwear, which has a positive impact on the strain on resources.


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