Together for a sustainable future

Why CSR?

The climate is changing rapidly and urgency is required. That is why the government is extremely ambitious in the field of sustainability. The Dutch economy must be fully circular by 2050.

We feel the urgency and also subscribe to these ambitions. At the same time, we see that many companies find it difficult to make safety clothing and PPE sustainable. This is why we help our customers make appropriate, sustainable choices so that they can realize their ambitions. We do not stop at fine words but continue until a measurable result is achieved.

What is CSR?
For SafeGood, Corporate Social Responsibility means taking responsibility for society. This goes beyond simply balancing people, planet, and profit. Together with other companies in our sector, we seek to improve and accelerate sustainable innovations for a circular economy. We shape sustainability based on the understanding that we must care for the earth and the people around us. This not only means that we are committed to sustainable and circular business, but also that we care for the job satisfaction of our employees.

Together we choose a sustainable future!

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