Corporate clothing recycling

Sustainable and responsible

Company clothing is an important part of a company's appearance. But in many cases, it also has the function of promoting employee safety. Company clothing is usually custom-made and selected with care. But what if this clothing can no longer be worn?

In many cases, it ends up in the trash, which is a waste of resources and harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there are more and more opportunities to recycle company clothing and thus contribute to a more sustainable world. On this page, we take a closer look at this topic.

The importance of corporate clothing recycling

Recycling corporate clothing is an important aspect of sustainable business. Recycling old company clothing saves resources and reduces CO2 and other harmful emissions. Moreover, it contributes to a circular economy, where waste no longer exists and all materials are reused.

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Different ways of recycling company clothing

There are several ways to recycle company clothing:

  • Verve
  • Upcycling
  • Reuse


A common method is fiberizing, in which clothing is ground into fibers that can be used as raw material for new clothing. These fibers are often blended with other materials, such as recycled plastic bottles, to create new, sustainable fabrics.


Another way of recycling is upcycling, in which old clothing is transformed into new garments with a different function or style. Consider, for example, making bags or pillows from old company clothing.


Recycling can also be combined with reusing the garments themselves. For example, company clothing that is no longer suitable for the work environment can be donated to charities or organizations that can reuse it, for example, as insulation material or for the production of blankets.

Corporate clothing recycling

Resource Collection Box

At, we offer the Resource Collection Box to, a convenient and sustainable way to recycle old company clothing. This box can be used to collect old company clothing, which is then processed into new materials. It is an ideal solution for companies looking for an easy and environmentally friendly way to recycle their corporate clothing.

GAIA Circular

The Resource Collection Box is available through our partner GAIA Circular.

GAIA is a company that focuses on making the textile industry more sustainable and specializes in developing circular solutions for workwear. This involves using sustainable materials as much as possible and striving for a closed cycle of raw materials.

An important part of GAIA's approach is the reuse of textiles. This is done by recycling clothing or upcycling old garments into new items. This way, less textiles are wasted and more use is made of existing materials. 

GAIA's goal is to make corporate clothing circular. This means eliminating waste and reusing all materials. 

Resource collection box order via

By ordering the Resource Collection Box through, you can easily recycle your old company clothing and contribute to sustainable business practices.

After placing your order, the Resource Collection Box will be delivered to you. You can then fill the box with your old corporate clothing and return it to GAIA Circular.

Corporate clothing recycling

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