Sustainable workwear

a step toward a sustainable future

In our modern society, sustainability is higher and higher on the agenda. More and more companies are committed to sustainable production, and sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the apparel industry as well. But what does sustainability really mean when it comes to workwear?

Sustainable workwear goes beyond just using sustainable materials. It is also about how the clothing is produced, its transportation and how it is used and recycled.

Production of sustainable workwear

As a supplier of sustainable corporate clothing, we believe it is important to contribute to a sustainable future. We not only want to deliver the best quality, but also deal with the environment in a socially responsible way.

As a supplier, we believe a number of things are important:

  • Use of sustainable materials
  • Production Process
  • Recycle

Use of sustainable materials

An important part of producing sustainable workwear is using sustainable materials. We therefore choose materials that are as biodegradable and/or recyclable as possible. This means we use materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel. By the way, these materials are not only better for the environment, but often more comfortable to wear.

Production Process

But sustainability goes beyond just the materials. The way the clothing is produced is also of great importance. At Wijngaarden VeiligGoed we therefore work together with manufacturers who are committed to a sustainable production


Sustainability is also very important after the clothing has been used. We therefore offer our customers the option of having their clothing recycled. For that we would like to refer to the article in this webshop 'Resource collection box' of the brand GAIA.


GAIA is the company par excellence that makes recycling easy and convenient. Gaia focuses on resource recovery and does so concretely by offering return logistics, dismantling products and fulfilling the further recycling of the sorted and dismantled materials. Collecting your used clothing is made easy with the help of resource boxes.

Sustainable workwear

Why choose sustainable workwear?

But why should you actually choose sustainable workwear? First of all, this way you contribute to a sustainable future. By choosing durable materials and sustainable production, you ensure that less burden is placed on the environment.

In addition, durable materials are often of better quality and they last longer. This means you are less likely to have to buy new clothes and save costs in the long run.

Transparent about production processes

At Wijngaarden VeiligGoed, we believe it is important to be transparent about our range of sustainable workwear. We like to show our customers that we are committed to sustainable production and that we work with suppliers who share the same vision. Therefore, on our webshop we have one page dedicated to our sustainable partners.

On this page we describe the production processes of our sustainable suppliers. We show what materials are used and what steps are taken to produce the clothes in a sustainable way.

How sustainable is your purchase?

On our website, we have one page dedicated to the savings our sustainable workwear can provide. By entering some data, such as the number of garments ordered and the type of material, our customers can calculate how much CO2 emissions, water and energy they save.

Sustainable workwear

Sustainable workwear offerings at

At, we offer a wide range to sustainable workwear. We believe that sustainability does not have to come at the expense of functionality and comfort, which is why we offer garments that are both durable and practical.

Among other things, customers can come to us for durable jackets, polos, overalls and shoes. These garments are made from sustainable materials. Our suppliers meet high sustainability standards and are certified to various labels.

It is important to us that our customers can choose from a diverse range of durable workwear, so that there is a suitable garment for every need. Whether it's work shoes with high comfort or a durable jacket that can withstand all weather conditions.

With our range of sustainable workwear, we aim to help our customers make a conscious choice for sustainable clothing that suits their needs. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions or specific requirements for sustainable workwear.